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Rights and Freedoms before Obligations and Requirements

By: ggrbgfr

Rights and Freedoms before Obligations and Requirements

As Canadian citizens we are entitled to our rights and freedoms, which states that at the age of 18 you have the choice to vote. Forcing citizens to vote would mean the government would be taking away our rights and freedoms. Forcing people to vote would only lead to more controversy, in Canada there are millions of people who suffer from a mental or physical disorder which disables them to vote. Also, forcing people to vote would mean allowing politically unaware and angered people to vote which would only lead to tainted results. As Canadian citizens we should have the choice to vote, it is a right and not a requirement.

In many cases citizens are position where they cannot vote, positions such as being mentally or physically disabled will not allow these citizens to vote, this will only lead to more controversy. By the government forcing “everyone” to vote, they are contradicting themselves by disregarding the fact that not everyone is able to. In Canada it was reported that one in every five Canadians will be diagnosed with a mental disorder, almost all of those citizens will not be able to vote. In addition to having mentally unstable citizens not able to vote there are also citizens who are in severe conditions such as a comma’s, cancer and many other conditions, these conditions will also disable the citizens to vote. It simply would not be fair for the government to enforce a law stating that every citizen must vote or pay consequences, when the reality is not every citizen is in a position where they can.

In Canada there are a large number of people who are unaware of what is happening politically, by demanding everyone to vote the government is allowing people who are politically unaware to vote which will result in a tainted outcome. In the last federal election it was reported (by statistics Canada) that 78.3% of Canada’s...

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