Global Economic Governance

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Before discussing the major international organizations created specifically with the primary objective of aid and cooperation among countries, which are the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), I would like to talk about international organizations historically created prior to the OECD and UNDP, and to some extent, these have also contributed to promoting the development of less developed countries through the establishment of social, economic and political.

We must go back to the year 1944, which conducted the Bretton Woods agreement in order to explain the origin of two of the most important international organizations that also remain today: World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The Bretton Woods Agreements were resolutions of the Monetary and Financial Conference of the United Nations, which set the rules for trade and financial relations among the leading industrialized countries.

The main objective of the Bretton Woods System was put in place a new international economic order and brings stability to commercial transactions through an international monetary system, with strong exchange rate and stable based on the dominance of the dollar.

The origins of the Bretton Woods agreement dating from 1941 through the creation of the Atlantic Charter, a document which the U.S. president, Roosevelt, referred to the Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill a series of ambitious targets for the world after the war.

With the Atlantic Charter, the U.S. sought to achieve its goals in foreign policy through the previously closed market penetration as well as opening new opportunities for U.S. investments abroad, removing restrictions on international capital flows. It was to affirm the equal right of all nations to access to trade.

The collapse of the Bretton Woods system occurred during the Vietnam War, when America suffered in 1971 a trade deficit. European countries began to...