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Marketing Management

BA 381T, Fall Semester 2002

Texas Evening MBA (TEMBA) Program, Mondays 6:00 - 9:30 pm, GSB 3.106.

Instructor: Rajendra Srivastava, Jack R. Crosby Regent’s Chair in Business

Office: CBA 7.256

Hours: M 4-6 pm

TA: To be announced later


Course Objectives:

This module is intended to convey the key elements of marketing and their importance to organizations. Both the "why" and "how" of marketing activities are discussed, with an emphasis on the former. On the margins, the course integrates marketing with other functional areas. Concepts are quantified when possible. The intent of the course is to introduce concepts that provide a stepping stone to further coursework in marketing and other areas of business activity. The major purposes of this course include:

1. To develop an understanding of forces driving competition in the marketplace and to enhance skills for analyzing competitive trends, identifying threats and opportunities, and for monitoring competitive activities and assessing a firm's competitive advantage.

2. Understand the value of marketing concepts as guides for addressing management problems

3. Understand the role of marketing function within cross-functional business processes for creating and delivering superior customer value

4. Develop a disciplined approach to the analysis of marketing problems

5. To develop an awareness of the major types of marketing problems faced by organizations, with emphasis on sound analytical approaches to effective decisions.

Course Overview:

The course is organized around the problems faced by businesses in the competitive market environment. It covers the following areas:

1. Role of marketing in conducting opportunity analyses and developing and implementing competitive strategy

2. Understanding the Customer -- Market Research Driven Segmentation

3. Developing and Managing the Value Proposition –...