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1. What regulation covers the wear and appearance of the military uniform?

A. AR 670-1

2. Name the ribbon awarded to members of the US Army for successful completion of basic training and AIT?

A. Army Service Ribbon

3. What types of grenades should every soldier be able to identify?

A. M67 Frag, M18 Colored Smoke, M83 HC White Smoke, M7A2/M7A3 Riot Control/ CS, M14 TH3 Incendiary, MK3A2 Offensive Concussion, M69 Practice Hand Grenade, M84 Flash Bang Stun Grenade

4. What is the Casualty-producing radius of the M67 hand grenade?

A. 15m

5. Give two scenarios in which you would use a smoke grenade.

A. Concealment, Marking location

6. What is the first thing you should do when you handle a weapon?

A. Clear weapon and check for safety.

7.What does the Acronym "SPORTS" stand for?

A. Slap Pull Observe Release Tap Squeeze

8.What is the max effective range of the M4 Carbine?

A. 500m for point 600m for area

9.How will a M18A1 look after employment?

A. Wires concealed, claymore concealed, peephole 45 degrees off ground

10.What is a M136?

A. AT-4 Antitank Weapon

11.Is the Army Physical Fitness program designed for improvement or maintaining current fitness level?

A. Improve and Maintaining

12.How many General Orders are there?

A. 3

13.How many points of performance are there?

A. 5: Proper Exit, Check Canopy and gain control, Lookout for other jumpers, Slip into wind and prepare to land, Land

14.Upon exit of the aircraft what is your second point of performance?

A. Check Canopy and gain canopy control

15.What are the two types of malfunctions of a parachute?

A. Partial and Complete Malfunction

16.What is the nomenclature of the main US Army approved Parachute?

A. T-10D

17.How many points of contact are part of a Parachute Landing Fall?

A. 5: Balls of feet, Calves, Thighs, Buttocks, Pull Up Muscle

18. When is all gear lowered in a combat jump?

A. 100m above landing surface

19. Lower jumper has right -away. True or False

A. True

20. What...