Case Study Review: Panera Bread Company

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Case Study Review: Panera Bread Company


Louis Kane and Ron Shaich developed Panera Bread Company after owning a bakery-café enterprise Au Bon Pain in 1981. The Au Bon Pain Company then bought out a bread making company called Saint Louis Bread Company in 1993. Louis Kane and Ron Shaich utilized the break making company to differentiate their service from the rest of their competitors. After the Au Bon Pain Company became popular, Kane and Shaich decided to rename the company name nationwide to the Panera Bread Company. But kept the bakery name Saint Louis Bread Company within its headquarters city of St. Louis, Missouri to keep recognition and loyalty to its hometown customers. The Panera Bread Company utilized and strategized its main product, sourdough bread. Once sourdough bread and baked goods became popular, Panera introduced ways to attract customer’s wants and healthy choice of foods. Panera offered services such as caterings, expansion of menu preferences, and a cozy place to eat to satisfy customers of various desires and accustoms. The company chose to market themselves for the consumer and the business platform by creating their brand and slogan. As the years progressed, the Panera Bread Company re-evaluated their locations to better serve their customers at convenient locations. Panera Bread is a quality fast food and casual restaurant that strategizes to meet the needs of customers of any demand.

Step #1 - What are the facts?

This step involves listing the major “facts” presented by the case. The purpose is to systematically summarize the facts.

Note: This step should not constitute the majority of the paper. List only the facts that are most relevant to your analysis.

1.) The initial strategy and concept was “to provide a premium specialty bakery and café experience to urban workers and suburban dwellers” (p. 303).

2.) “Panera Bread’s distinctive menu, signature café design, inviting ambience, operating...