Hamlet Man of Action

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Hamlet man of action

In the film, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker attempts to avenge his father's spiritual death to the dark side. Luke denies his father's existence and comes close to turning to the dark side. Ultimately, Luke rejects the lure of the dark side, and avenges his father when he kills the Emperor. The Emperor is the leader of the dark side who killed his father. Luke then goes on to lead the good forces in the universe. Likewise, in William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Claudius murders King Hamlet, and Prince Hamlet, while acting kingly, struggles to act to avenge the murder. Hamlet proves to be a kingly man whose circumstances sometimes prohibit him from revenge. Thus, Hamlet is a natural leader.

Hamlet seems slow in his attempts to avenge his father. He displays, however, an unwavering predisposition to act.

Hamlet speaks plainly to Horatio in Court explaining that "The funeral baked meats did furnish the marriage tables" (1.2.180) of Claudius and Gertrude. Hamlet could confront Gertrude or Claudius about their strange and hasty marriage, instead it seems that all he does is allow the marriage to happen, fails to act, and complains to Horatio. Hamlet discovers Claudius is the murderer, sees him praying alone and thinks that "Now might [he] [kill Claudius]" (3.3.73). Hamlet seemingly could kill Claudius and fulfill his duty to avenge his father, but fails to kill him. Additionally, Fortinbras's army later inspires Hamlet while they are marching off to battle, which prompts him to questions "How stand I then/... and let all sleep" (4.4.56-59) when he has so much to fight for. Hamlet apparently realizes his total inability to avenge his father, and recognizes his own failure to act. Despite seeming inaction, Hamlet proves to be extremely diligent in avenging his father.

Hamlet explains to Bernardo, Marcellus and Horatio that he "shall...put an antic disposition on" (1.4.71) after he sees the ghost; in order to learn more about the murder of his father....