Armenian Genocide and Holocaust

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The Armenian Genocide occurred during the years 1915 through 1923. It was the Ottoman Turkish Genocide of the Armenians and occurred right after World War I. More than 1,500,000 people were killed and even though the race was not entirely killed the number of deaths in this massacre is a large figure and many lost their family and friends. During World War I the Turks and the Russians were against each other. Since the Armenia is divided between the Ottomans and the Russians the Turks believed that the Armenians were betraying them and were spies for the Russians. In 1914 the Ottoman Empire who was a powerful and large state was slowly declining and had lost almost of its land in Europe and Africa. The Armenians who were Christian were not allowed to participate in the Muslim government and had to pay taxes to the Turks. Armenians wanted representation in the government and being that the war has just ended the Turks were becoming suspicious.

Sultan Abdul Hamid ordered that a series of massacres were to be administered to scare off the Armenians, but instead the Turks killed over 3,000 people and caused major damage on many Armenians. In 1915, the Armenians were ordered to leave their homes and were directed toward the Syrian Desert. People were getting killed in front of family members. Woman and children became unpaid laborers; people were not fed and were dying also from starvation, as well as, exhaustion. The Armenians population decreased greatly and more than a million and a half died because of the Ottoman military. The Armenians defended themselves until the Russians came in and the Turks abandoned them. The Russians added Armenia to the Soviet Union and the Turks withdrew and became the Turkish Republic.

Another great genocide occurred during World War II. The Jewish Holocaust was resulted from the Germans and their leader Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust occurred from began in 1933 and...