Gamified Interactive "E-Books-on-the-Go"

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 Gamified Interactive "E-books-on-the-go"

 1. Define business objectives.

Currently device manufacturers, who distribute e-books have full control the sales process and make it difficult for publishers such as GDP to obtain data on customers and to develop relationships with customers. Gamification could help put more control in the hands of e-book publishers like GDP. We will do that based on the fact that e-books possess unique characteristics as a flexible digital asset, i.e., they can offer interactive features beyond any physical book.

We therefore posit the following business goals:

• Goal 1: Collect data directly from current customers, about who they are, discover “customer archetypes” to help with on-boarding and for the customer experience of reading e-books.

• Goal 2: Create incentives for new customers to stay involved, while building an effective referral and book review system to e help expand client base with the help of customers.


2. Delineate target behaviors.

Encouraging behaviors, which promote the use of e-books can be achieved through gamification of the process of buying, recommending and reviewing e-books.

The following behaviours will be encouraged by the gamified system proposed:

• Downloading “books on the go” as a result of references to books embedded into other sites and social networks by the players themselves

• Creating links to passages (embedded citations) in online and mobile communication

• Reviewing and recommending resources to peers that helps additionally increase customer engagement


3. Describe your players.

Professionals, who read e-books, regularly communicate with other potential customers with similar profiles about things they find engaging on social networks and other sites. Their professional communication will be naturally enriched by opportunities to “review on the go”, recommend and provide direct links to passages of books they themselves read.

Increased engagement turns...