Apple Inc. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

Publication Date: 07-Feb-2013 Reference Code: GDTC27353FSA

Company Snapshot

Key Information

Apple Inc., Key Information Web Address Financial year-end Number of Employees NASD

Source : GlobalData

Company Overview

Apple Inc. (Apple), previously Apple Computer, Inc., is one of the leading computer and mobile phone manufacturers in the world. The company undertakes the production and sale of personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication and media devices. It offers personal computing products that include desktop and portable personal computers, related devices and peripherals, besides third-party hardware and software products. The company’s software products include Mac OS X, its proprietary operating system for the Mac; server software and related solutions; professional application software; and consumer, education, and business oriented application software.

10.37 35.30 September 72,800 AAPL

Key Ratios

Apple Inc., Key Ratios P/E Return on Equity (%) Debt/Equity (%) Operating profit margin (%) Dividend Yield

Note: Above ratios are based on share price as of 05-Feb-2013

SWOT Analysis

Apple Inc., SWOT Analysis Strengths Well Diversified Product Mix Strong Brand Image

35.30 0.01

Weaknesses Limited iPhone/Mobile Phone Variants Dependence on Network Providers

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Operational Efficiency

Share Data

Apple Inc., Share Data Share Price (USD) as on 05-Feb-2013 EPS (USD) Market Cap (million USD) Enterprise Value (million USD) Shares Outstanding (million)

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Opportunities 457.84 44.15 429,942 413,788 939 Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets Innovative Products & Designs

Source : GlobalData

Threats Global Economic Scenario Theft of Digital Content Intense Competition

Growing Tablet Computer Market

Performance Chart

Apple Inc., Performance Chart (2008 - 2012)