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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Introduction 3

Research Methodology 5

Literature Review 5

Brief History and Background 5

Functional Analysis 5


1. PESTEL Analysis of Saverite Supermarket 5

2. SWOT Analysis of Saverite Supermarket 5

2. A Critical analysis of the External Environment 5

3. A Critical analysis of the Internal Environment5

4. Porter’s 5 forces model 5

Conclusions and Recommendations 4



Appendices 4

Interview Script5


Franchise advertising5

In-store advertising5

Reference List4


Executive Summary

The following document is a comprehensive analysis based on a Small to Medium Enterprise in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The small to medium enterprise analysed was Saverite Supermarket in Pietermaritzburg. The research has been collected and analysed by 8 members studying a Business Strategy and Management course.

This research report focuses on the nature and industry of the business, a brief history of the company, the functional organisation of the firm, a critical analysis of the environment it is operating in and an assessment of the firm’s future in terms of recommendations. The findings consist of:

* PESTLE analysis

* Critical analysis of the external environment

* Critical analysis of the internal environment

* Porter’s 5 forces model

* SWOT analysis

Research methodology was conducted in the form of interviews and questionaires as well as from sources such as the Chamber of commerce?????????????


The purpose of this research report is to conduct a thorough analysis of Saverite supermarket from a strategic management perspective, applying various tools to analyse the external environment, internal environment, competitor analysis, functional analysis, value chain analysis and to draw conclusions and recommendations from the analysis. Literature from various sources will provide the theoretical framework for the report. The analysis from the...

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