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Fall 2012


Standard of Dress

The District maintains dress and grooming standards because it believes that students who dress and groom themselves in a manner considered acceptable and appropriate by the community will become more responsible citizens of the community. We believe that the business of school is student learning and that school dress and grooming standards should support that purpose and should also promote a safe, orderly learning environment. One worthwhile goal of a comprehensive education is learning that different situations require different modes of dress and behavior. The district believes school is a place of business and the dress and grooming of a student should reflect the serious intent of a workplace as well as promote a business-like atmosphere. The Standard of Dress Policy is a vital step toward better preparing our students for the future. This brochure is provided to give you guidance when shopping. Before making final clothing purchase decisions, you are responsible for reviewing the Standard of Dress Policy in its entirety. The policy can be viewed in the Student Code of Conduct and online at www.duncanvilleisd.org. Students will be held accountable for all information listed in the policy.

Page Guide: Introduction Grades PK - 8 Grades 9 - 12

Grades PK - 8

What It Looks Like

Grades PK - 8


Tops (including undershirts that can be seen) are solid navy, solid black, solid gray, or solid white in color. Tops, including turtlenecks, are collared, have sleeves, and are long enough to be fully tucked into bottoms and remain tucked in throughout the day. Lightweight outerwear such as sweaters, lightweight jackets, and open-in-the-front sweatshirts (with or without hoods) are solid navy, solid white, solid black, or solid gray. They may be worn over collared short or long sleeve shirts/tops that are fully tucked in. Tops worn under acceptable outerwear have collars and sleeves, and are fully tucked...

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