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Radio Teacher Project Technician Test Self Study Guide

Figure 1 - WB5ACN at the San Antonio Radio Club Field Day 2003. Photo by N5NTG.

Radio Teacher Project

Version 2.0


The Radio Teacher Project Needs You!

The new General Question Pool will be released around January 2007 with more questions and complex subjects to be covered. The new project needs instructors and others interested in promoting Amateur Radio to help out creating the new Radio Teacher Project - General Test - Self Study Guide. We are looking for writers, editors and subject matter experts with the desire to help create a free guide for the new test. To sign up email

Version 2.0 FIRST PRINTING – August 2006 This guide is available for any non-profit and non-commercial use. Please email any corrections or omissions to

Technicians Question Pool (February 6th, 2006 Release) for tests after July 1st, 2006 till June 30th, 2010. Amateur Radio Rules, Code of Federal Regulations Title 47, Volume 5 Part 97. The source information is available to the public. If you have any questions or comments please post a message at Radio Teacher Project

The source documents used to create this guide are:


The Radio Teacher Project goal is to provide free documentation for Amateur Radio Tests. In early 2006 Google started giving 100 MB of web space for free to its registered users. Using an email account for “RadioTeacher” the web site was created as for the project. The San Antonio Radio Club needed an instructor in 2001 to teach the Technicians class and I gladly accepted the job. I feel that the only way to grow the hobby was to teach and Elmer (the Amateur Radio term for mentor) anyone with a desire to become an amateur radio operator. I owe a lot to the hobby/service. In the 1980’s I worked as a laborer and carpenter on the coast of South Texas. In...