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The human body while is an anatomical position can be divided in two different planes. The anatomical position of the body is the standard position. This is where the human body is standing straight up and tall with the head up; eyes looking straight, the arms are by the body side with palms facing up, the legs straight, and the toes are pointing straight. A plan can be described as a way to divide the human body into two parts like an imaginary flat surface. Plans can divide the body into several different parts that include front and back, top and bottom, right and left. In addition the body direction is movement that is away or towards these planes in the human body.

In the human body there are three different planes. The first plane is known as the coronal plane or also called frontal plane. The coronal planes now divides the body into what is the front and back sections. The coronal plane of the body is a vertical plane. Next is the sagittal plane in which divides the body into what is the left and right sections and is known a vertical plane. With this plane is can divide the body at the midline stomach of the body. This is called the migsagittal plane. You are moving in a medial direction when you moving from either side of the body towards the midline. You are moving in a lateral direction if you are doing the opposite and moving away from the midline of the body towards either side of the body. Now this leads to the transverse plane which divides the body into horizontal with top and bottom sections. The upper half of the body is the superior section. The lower half of the body is the inferior section. In addition, the body also has different sections that are anterior or ventral sections. In this case, this is the front of the body. The posterior or dorsal section is the back of the body. When you are lying face down on your stomach you are in the prone position. If you are lying on your back side you in the dorsal or dorsal supine position. When...