Mother Courage

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Mother Courage had a love hate relationship with the war. She lost all three of her children because of the war but she pushed a cart across Europe in the middle of the war selling supplies making a profit from it. She cursed the war but never rebels against it. However, her mute disfigured daughter didn’t agree with it and sacrifice her life to save people from attack. This is one play that I believe you have to watch to get the full affect. Reading it, many will believe that Mother Courage comes off as phlegmatic and cold hearted putting her hustle before her kids and degrading them. For example Courage didn’t identify her son Swiss cheese’s body so they threw it in the pit. She also told her daughter when she was wounded that her war wounds were a blessing. In some parts of the play however, you can see she love her children she just was strong and a woman of courage grieving in a different way without tears. After the death of her kids, she kept doing what she does best, hustling and surviving.

“Waiting on Godot” is another play I will have to watch. After reading it is kind of difficult because it is a lot of guessing and wondering. The play opens up with two men Estragon and Vladimir waiting for Godot but who is Godot? It is never revealed. The two main characters are jokesters sitting around joking, talking about many topics such as religion, life, death, even contemplating suicide even though that didn’t happen. While waiting, two men approach them Lucky the slave and Pozzo the master. Pozzo belittled Lucky and later became dependent of Lucky when he lost his eyesight. At the end of the play, Godot never came. Many may argue that Godot was God and that the writer was trying to get his audience to realize good things come to those who wait or maybe not because Godot never arrived. In Pozzo and lucky case watch how you treat others because one day you may need them. This play didn’t give me any middle or so this is only my opinions. Maybe it pertains to...