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Date:1st Aug, 2013

Sub: Cover Letter For Position into Faculty-Management

Dear Sir

I have worked in different positions to handle the Marketing ,Operations and Brand management portfolio for the leading organization including Biocon Pvt Ltd ,British Biologicals Pvt Ltd (Leading pharmaceutical companies) and IBM (Leading software company) with overall industrial experience of 3 years .I have pursued my MBA in Marketing from Amity University, Noida. I am interested for the position of Faculty- Management in your reputed organization as after gaining significance industrial exposure, I find my skills and capabilities best suited for the academics.

Considering the learning potential of the industry and your organizations reputation, I am looking forward to pursue my career goals and move into academics in your esteemed institution. The professional exposure I have gained through the different positions in marketing field has given me a hand on experience on the highly challenging and dynamic industrial market. And the same has certainly helped me when it comes to understanding Marketing and Sales operations, customer segmentation, targeting, Effective Product positioning, customer needs, market trends and forecasting. I am ready and prepared to take my next step in my career path, and nothing like an opportunity in your firm to start with, in pursuit of my career goals.

Professionally I have received recognitions for the work I have executed, few of them include:

• Best Performer in British Biologicals Pvt Ltd with a successful performance of earning highest incentive among all team members in India.

• Known to give best presentations in the major corporate hospitals in Delhi from the Company side(Biocon Pvt Ltd and British Biologicals Pvt Ltd)

• Best Incentive earned during my work in IBM Daksh,Gurgaon

• Head Student Coordinator in the Corporate Resource Centre of Amity...

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