Client-Server Computing

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Client/Server Computing Systems





Client/Server Computing Systems

Client/server computing systems contain two commonsense parts: a server that delivers services and a client that requires services of the server. More technically, client/server computing conveys two or more parts of implementation using a consumer/producer relationship. Clients serve as the consumers in a client/server system meaning that they make requests to servers for services or information and then use the reply to carry out their own purpose. The server plays the role of the provider by filling data or service requests made by clients.

A client-server network requires at least one computer that performs the role of a server. A server performs roles such as file storage, back-ups, application sharing and printer management. The client computers are all connected to the server via a switch or other network communication device. In order to access resources such as files or printers on the network, users are required to log on at the client computers using a username and password. Some client computers use swipe cards, common access cards (CAC) commonly used by the Dept. of Defense, or finger print recognition instead of usernames and passwords. Once connected to the server, a user will have access to a dedicated amount of storage space that is private to the user, printers, files (if permission has been granted) and software used within the organization. A user can log on to the server from any client and the resources available will be the same. In large organizations, there is likely to be more than one server, with each server carrying out specific roles. Software can be automatically deployed to all clients on a client-server network, anti-virus software can be managed centrally and back-ups can be taken of all the data on the server. However, servers require specialist technical staff and if a server fails then clients will lose access to...