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Running head: Module 1 Homework

Module 1 Homework

Paula Damron

Allied American University

Author Note

This paper was prepared for Ethnical Decision Making For Business, BUS 354 taught by Debra Touhey .

Hewlett-Packard Company is a very large, well-known company that makes and sells

computers, software and computer materials. This company is a multi-million dollar company

that has board members, stockholders and thousands of employee’s. It has been brought to the

companies attention as well as the media’s attention of an issue which involved the co-president

of Hewlett-Packard, Mr. Mark Hurd.

Mr. Hurd was accused of sexually harassing an independent consultant for Hewlett-

Packard, Ms. Jodie Fisher in 2010. As the allegations were being investigated, the company

found that “Mr. Hurd had filed inaccurate expense reports within the company” (HP, 2013).

The department of Mr. Hurd credited that HP fortune was at that time improving but vastly

dropped the company’s share price and had fallen roughly by half.

Identifying the issues and threats of Hewlett-Packard would be the companies

loss of revenue due to Mr. Hurd inaccurate expense reports. This not only threatens Mr.

Hurd job but also puts the company at risk of losing stockholders, revenue and potentially

customers. It was concluded that the reason for the inaccurate expense reports was due

to Mr. Hurd had “the share price had been fraudulently inflated because of Hurd’s alleged

activities” (Cement & Concrete).

The current stockholders for Hewlett- Packard Company is Cement & Concrete Workers

District council pension fund of flushing, New York. They claimed Mr. Hurd acted

inappropriate with the expense reports and That Mr. Hurd ignored his duty to disclose violations.

There is large stakes for this misconduct. Not only is this unethical business practice but it

could also cause a revenue loss for Hewlett-Packard.

The stockholders could...