General Electric Training and Development

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General Electric Training and Development


Lezlie Kalberer

University of Mary

MGT 603 Leading Learning in an Organization

August 23, 2013


When one thinks of General Electric they envision a well-diversified, elite, global corporation. GE's culture is well defined by its mission, vision and values. This company has become recognized for its unparalleled training and career development as well as for its significant organizational processes. These practices have allowed GE to provide the best quality while maintaining their top notch commitment to leadership development across the corporation. The values that are part of GE are imagined, solve, build and lead. Imagine is wisdom of opportunity that allows for a freedom beyond mere invention; dares to be something superior; and is an invitation to dream and do things that one does not know what one could do. General Electric strives to solve problems for their customers, communities, societies and themselves.

General Electric Company was one of the world's largest corporations with a presence across 160 countries, 11 varied businesses and employee strength of around 307,000. Some of its entities were large enough to make the Fortune 500 list on their own. GE had not only survived successfully for 133 years but had also consistently generated great value for its shareholders, despite its size. One of the factors that contributed to the company's success was its ability to train and develop its multicultural, international, and diverse workforce in a successful and sustainable manner.

GE was one of the first companies to establish a management development center to train and develop its employees. During the 1980s, this center paved the way for growth and development that very few corporations could even dream of. It inspired and challenged many other companies like Boeing Co., Home Depot and Toyota Motors to model training and development...