Business Research Methods - Part Iii

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Business Research Methods, Part III


University of Phoenix

Business Research Methods, Part III

Team C’s has distributed a comprehensive survey of Wal-mart customers to determine if they would continue to or return to shopping at Wal-mart stores if the level of customer service is improved. The data analysis from our survey will support the findings, both negative and positive to support the customers final decision as to if they will shop Wal-mart if the level of customer service change. This decision will be supported by statistical data obtained from both past and present customers.


Categorization asks participants to put themselves or property indicants in groups or categories (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). Using this tool, allows information to be gathered and then divided based on the specific data. Questions are geared toward an effective break down; therefore, information retrieved can be compiled and utilized efficiently. Categorizing information narrows down information and specifies key details for decision making.

Nominal data has a sole purpose to “differentiate an item possessing one characteristic form an item processing a different characteristic (Andreasen, 2003). Team C’s analysis will show if a change to enhance customer services will bring customers back to Wal-Mart to shop.

Something as simple as location could also be reviewed. Many stores have problems, determining what the problem is in a short period of time is key. The relationship among employees and customers will determine if Wal-Mart will retain or gain satisfied customers.

Measurement scales

The four types of measurement scales are: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. It's important to know which type of scale is represented in the research data because different scales require different methods of statistical analysis.

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