Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis

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Unit 2 Project Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis

Deb B.

Introduction to Crime Analysis

1) When reviewing these incident summaries, what type of analysis are you performing, tactical, strategic, or administrative, and why?

Tactical would be the type of analysis that I would be performing because, the crime patterns were similar such as the suspects masks and clothing. Tactical analysis deals with crimes that are similar in patterns.

2) Is this a crime series? Why or why not?

Yes there is a crime series because all three crimes consist in the same pattern and they are the same crime being committed in different time frames.

3) Were there any clues that may help establish the identity of either of the suspects?

Yes, there was the clothing of black hooded sweat shirts and blue jeans, facial masks, identification of the tattoo and skin complexion, and the type of vehicle the suspects were driving.

4) What elements of the modus operandi remained consistent in each of the three incidents?

Who, how, and what would be the modus operandi that remained consistent in the three incident. Who would be the suspects that were described by the victims in the crimes? How would be how the crime started? And what would be what happened during the crime. All three elements consist in similar ways.

5) What elements of the modus operandi differed in one or more of the three incidents?

Where and when would be the differed in one or more of the three incidents? The days, times, and locations are different in all three incidents. The first incident happened on July 25th at 2am, another happened on August 5th at 1:30am, and the last one on August 18th at 11:58m.

6) From your reading, what type of work products might you generate from this type of series in an effort to apprehend the offenders?

I would do a crime bulletin so the surrounding agencies can be notified of the similar crimes in the area. I would also use the police data base...