Mcbride Marketing Plan

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McBride Marketing Plan Outline

BSA 310

McBride Marketing Plan Outline

McBride Financial Services' mission is to be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services in the five state area using top-of-the-line technology. Based in Boise, Idaho, McBride Financial Services specializes in Conventional, FHA, and VA loans for home purchasing and refinancing. In order for McBride Financial to achieve its goal of becoming a profitable company within one year of operation they will need to develop a strong marketing plan that encompasses many forms of marketing media and leverages technology to simplify the mortgage loan process for both the customer as well as the company. McBride Financial Services will need to consider many factors when creating their marketing plan and the following outline will discuss what is needed for the company to achieve its goals.

Before beginning a large-scale marketing campaign McBride Financial will need to identify its target market. Targeting the proper consumer base is critical to effectiveness of the campaign. Using the three audiences identified in McBride's business plan, a three tiered approach to sales prospect profiling will help McBride Financial tailor their marketing plan to the consumer base that will prove most lucrative. Based on McBride's business plan the professionals looking to purchase either a primary or secondary residence should be the top tier market, thus making those consumers a priority when developing a strategy. Secondary strategies for the middle and bottom tiered markets should be considered but are not as essential to meeting the company's goal of becoming profitable within one year. When thinking about target markets it is also important to understand the primary geographical market area. McBride Financial is planning to serve the five state area of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This is a relatively large geographic area and some careful strategies will need to be...