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As a child growing up in a rural environment, that was the only life I knew and thought it was the best one. After becoming an adult, I moved into the city, and came to the realization that I had to adjust to a different way of living; I was very overwhelmed by the hustle, the excitement; and I was scared of whether I would adapt to the new transition of the fast paced life that surrounded me. Therefore, based on my point of view, rural life and city life can be compared and contrasted in regards to expense, entertainment, and accessibility.

The most noticeable difference between city life and rural life is the expense. Some people think that city life is an expensive one due to a higher population’s growth, which increases the demand of goods and services; while in the rural areas, there is a smaller population’s growth, and the demand for goods and services is on a much smaller scale. In the city, the basic necessities of life for example, housing (rent or own) food consumption, utility bills, and to maintain the social standard can be overbearing; while in the rural area, the standard of living is an inexpensive one, but most people own their homes. In the city, there are better educational opportunities and higher pay, while in the rural areas, there are less educational opportunities and fewer jobs.

Entertainment forms a part of everyday living, and there is so much to do in the city. There are fancy shopping areas; fabulous restaurants for dining, movies, clubs, amusement parks for kids and other places of interest are in close proximity. In rural areas, there is less live entertainment; and people often stay home. People in the city dine at restaurants quite frequently, while people in the rural areas grow most of their own crops, and have home-cooked meals. Kids in the city enjoy playing in the amusement parks, while kids in the rural areas play in their backyard.

In contrasting rural and city life, accessibility to services...