Small Town Life Is Better Than Big City Life

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Small town life is better than big city life

Parley Egwu

Minot State University


This discussion present some people views on life in the big city preference because of the following reasons: 1) a big city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, leisure, sports, recreation and in general better satisfaction for time and money; 2) there is a lot of infrastructural development, magnificent buildings, good and efficient public transport system and a lot more; 3) and it is highly commercialized and as a result offers more job opportunities because most leading companies have their offices there. However, life in small town can be very interesting and with lots of benefits that is important to note: 1) living expenses are very cheap, making for peace with nature and freedom from the noise, pollution, and uncertainty that is associated with big cities; 2) small towns have considerable less crime rate, which means safety and security are more guaranteed; 3) and a small town is convenient to live in and easy to understand because it is concise. Having lived in both cities and have had firsthand experiences, I am in greater opinion that small city/town is better to reside on. This discussion is very important to you as long as you live in a particular city; whether big or small, it gives a comprehensive analysis of what is obtainable in each city and leaves with a choice to make on which to reside in. It is also very important to those who are considering relocating and don’t know what each type of city holds for them. It can be said that as long as you live in an environment then this topic is significant to you.

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Small town life is better than big city life

Writer: Parley Egwu

Writer: Parley Egwu

There has been lot of debate regarding whether life in a big city is better than life in the small town. The location or environment we live in has a great...

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