First Grade 30 Minute Lesson Plan:

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First Grade 30 minute Lesson Plan:

What Is Physical Fitness?


The children will be able to explain physical fitness

The children will be able to name daily chores related to fitness

The children will describe fitness activities in which they participate.

The children will understand the value of jumping rope.

The children will learn the technique of jumping rope.

Items that I Will Use:

Art supplies

Drawing Paper


Masking tape

1 jump rope per child

6 longer ropes



Step: 1/ Audio

When my children enters the classroom, I will have them sit together in close proximity to discuss the class lesson of the day.

Step: 2 / Visual:

I will write the words physical fitness on a board and ask children if they know what they mean. I will then record children’s ideas on the board. To build on these responses, I will explain what the term physical fitness means:

The ability for the entire body to work together effectively and efficiently to maintain good health and perform activities necessary to carry out daily living with very little effort.

To make the conversation more simpler for children, I would tell the children that the term physical fitness means, ‘to maintain good health’

Good health may include:

Feeling good about oneself.

Feeling strong.

Feeling alert.

Not feeling tired.

Step: 3

An important features of the first definition is ‘the ability to carry out daily living with very little effort.’ I will ask children to name things that they do daily that require some effort like raking leaves, walking to school,

Step: 4

Ask children to set a goal to be physically active on most days of the week. Encourage children to use words and draw pictures of their physical activity goal.

Activity sheet:

Can you draw a picture of yourself jumping rope next to the girl below?

Draw a picture in the box of an activity you do that improves your fitness level.

shoveling snow, or...

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