Leadership Theory

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Students will be able to select from several different projects in order to match interests related to Organizational Leadership. Choose between the learning style from the choice list below, incorporate the information provided in the choice as well as compare and contrast the content that we have currently covered in class (choice 1 – book, choice 2 – research, choice 3 – interview, or choice 4 – movies). Each leadership project due could use a different learning style. For instance, a student may decide on choice 1 for their Part 1-3 Leadership Project and choice 4 for their Part 4-5 Leadership Project. All have a minimum page requirement and APA writing style and citation is required. Please note that a page of text has 1” margins, uses 12-point type, and is double-spaced.

Choice 3: Interview

This assignment will expose you to first-hand accounts of valuable developmental leadership experiences. Identify an organizational leader to interview. This person could be someone who you do not know or someone with whom you are familiar with and would like to learn more about his / her business. The interview should last 45 – 60 minutes. Make sure that the interview is confidential, which means you should change names and positions to protect the interviewee. Develop questions that are open ended and require some reflection on their part (6-8 questions is sufficient). Some helpful hints: 1) end the interview with a positive question 2) record the interview (recording the interview will allow you to listen to it several times at a later date to understand fully what the person is saying).

Write a 4-page summary of your interview that highlights your leader’s characteristics and the skills they use in leadership roles. Use direct quotes from your interview to reinforce your observations. How does this person relate to the leadership content we have covered in the course thus far?

For my first Leadership Project, I had a unique opportunity to interview a...