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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Origins and traditions 2

Business and future 3

Family 5

Conclusion 6


Since I was a child, I have been really curious about the Chinese culture, because I really honored the way they live their lives, their relationship with their families and altogether their attitude towards other people and life at all. During my IBS years, I have met several Chinese students, who are completely the opposite of Hungarians, which was the main reason why I have chosen China as the country to compare with Hungary.

The study is based on the interview with Ni Huan Juan, a really good friend of mine, and a BAFIN student of IBS. He has been living in Hungary for 14 years, and was willing to tell me the most important observations that he has done since the first time. I have known Huan since the first year of IBS, and throughout the years we have had several occasions where we have been together, either for a group assignment, parties, or simply just having a coffee and talking, so altogether I know him very well and I think I have had the chance to observe his attitude towards other people, the school and work.

But on the other hand, as the comparison would not reflect the reality only by conducting an interview with one person, there are several theories and ways developed by famous scholars that help people compare different cultures in a relatively unbiased way. The dimensions of Geert Hofstede, Kluckhohn, Strodtbeck and Fons Trompenaars wil all serve as the framework for my comparison, and we will see how much they reflect the same differences as Huan mentioned.

Origins and traditions

China has an eight thousand year long history, which they are very proud of, and probably this is the main reason why they are so polite and respect the others in all kinds of situation, whether it is a business or a casual occasion. According to Huan, and I also reckon the same that Chinese people are always smiling and...

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