A Computerized Payroll System

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Computerized Payroll System
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a Computerized Payroll System
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Computerized Payroll System

A Thesis Presented to

In Partial Fulfillment

Of The Requirements for

Diploma in Information Technology


Thesis Adviser


In our life today, computer is one of the many inventions that greatly affected our way of living.

Computers can be used in business from the stage of manufacturing till the stage of its sale. We can’t think of a business without a computer. Business is all around of computers. Computers can keep records of all the employees and prepare their pay checks in a fraction of minutes every month. A computer can easily carry out automatic checks on the stock of a particular item.

Computers are everywhere and business and industry are using them. We can list of thousands of its modern uses. Business and industry would almost instantly grind to halt. Without computers the modern co-operation could not even. "Computers have become so deeply embedded in information processing and communication systems that almost no activity could be possible without them"

Computer is now playing a vital role in the lives of people today. It has revolutionized, the way one used to live. One cannot now imagine a world without computers, without information technology. It made things happen really wonderful. It gave a virtual world itself, where there are no barriers for communication, information sharing, idea sharing etc. Every field of human activity, May is being his daily life, official life; everything is influenced under the cover of information Technology.

Due to rapid technology update, some company can't catch up; they were all left far behind by other companies who had a good computerize system within their organization. The bigger the company the more it's needed to have a good system, for faster and more hustle free work, less time consume and less man power involve. So we propose a computerize payroll system to the BNN Company that still using the Manual Payroll System, for...

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