Solar Energy

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Solar Energy: An Alternative Energy
twenty-five years to pay for it's self in output. There many uses of solar energy. Some homes rely fully on the power of the sun to heat their water. Other houses
Solar Energy
be collected and concentrated to produce usable power. As a result, solar energy is a more expensive power source than fossil fuels for most applications
Solar Energy
fossil fuels, or nuclear power ever again (Cross 124). It is hard to say when solar energy was first used by humans to make life easier. As far as we know, people
Why Do We Need Solar Energy?
of OPEC agreed to quadruple world oil prices. Focus then turned to solar energy. With barely any oil being imported, the Federal government started putting close

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Replacing Fossil Fuels with Solar Energy

In America, most energy sources utilized today are practical for homeowners are those that can be readily accessible, and more so cost effective to the average consumer. The escalation on the cost of living has made many people resort to the cheapest method of energy whether it is electricity, natural gas as a primary source for their home or place of business. I will identify three primary energy sources that power my home as well as the many homes in my local community. I will explain how current resources for energy impact the environment, and I will calculate energy consumption for my community. Next, I will illustrate how realistic renewable resources are in my community and calculate how effective the power needs are. Last, I will explain how solar energy is a great choice, and what expenses are involved to converting a community, what impact that solar energy will have on the environment, and show how people will support this concept.

My neighborhood is currently using electricity, natural gas, and propane gas to power our homes, and to supplement the energy source. I live in a large community where electricity is very competitive among many of the energy giants. These companies attempt to steal and switch over customers by giving large cash incentives such as $250 gift cards, one to two months free service, and various discounts of free coupons to its new customers. My electricity company is called TXU Energy, which provides me a low rate throughout the year with a two year contract, and a five percent rebate at the end of the fiscal year in the form of a prepaid visa gift card. The other incentives I receive throughout the year are free ice cream coupons for Baskin-Robins ice cream, a free ham just before Thanksgiving, holiday greeting cards, and a birthday cards as well.

Natural gas is through Center point energy is less competitive because they pretty much have a monopoly in the Houston and...

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