July at Mulitplex Case Study

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Executive Summary

Mr. Plex, the owner of Royal Theater, has inquired for our judgment and outlook in regards to if he and the association should try to support and defend the potential falsified distortion of the case he and other theater proprietors are encountering. The complaining party (Tommy) is not a regular moviegoer, however he decided to go and enjoy the relaxation aspect, which the theater offers. Tommy was lead to believe that the movie was to start at 1:00 p.m. through confirmation, marquee, and advertisement. Nonetheless, once he was seated he was presented with twenty minutes worth of commercials. Displeased with the interval of time spent on commercials along with the movie, he left the viewing room and went on to get a reimbursement for his ticket. Immediately, after Tommy was denied he wrote a letter to Mr. Plex as well as the other theater owners that he was considering filing a lawsuit against them.

After studying and reviewing the case, we came to the decision that there might be a few instances of misrepresentations. Tommy believes Mr. Plex deceptively misrepresenting the time of the movie “The Governator”. Any regular moviegoer knows that the films in the cinema don’t start to play exactly at the time specified. Therefore, Mr. Plex did not feel the need to state the fact that the movie started later on. Even though Tommy depended on the movie to start at 1p.m., it was not a rational reason to be accepted by Mr. Plex. However, due to the fact that Tommy was unsatisfied with his movie experience at Royal Theaters, Mr. Plex and the consortium wanted to conduct a survey analyzing how many moviegoers feel misinformed and mislead by watching commercials before the actual start of the movie and feel deceived by Mr. Plex’s ticket policy. The results of the survey demonstrate that only six percent of the moviegoers feel the same way Tommy did. We can conclude that less than ten percent of the moviegoers feel the way Tommy does. Hence, we can...