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COCA-COLA’S Advertisement for its 100th Christmas in the Philippines 2012 titled: COCA-COLA CHRISTMAS CAROL

I. Objective/ Mission

The objective of the advertisement is to persuade new and potential consumers to actually go out and buy the product; and to remind the loyal consumers of the brand to keep patronizing their product.

II. Budget/ Money

As an established brand and with high market shares, this is usually supported with lower advertising budget as a ratio to sales. Additionally, it is less expensive to reach consumers of a widely used brand. But, Coca-Cola’s market contains a large number of competitors and high advertising spending, so it must advertise more heavily and frequently to be heard above the noise in the market. Even simple clutter from advertisements not directly competitive to the brand creates the need for heavier advertising. Further, Coca-Cola is in the commodity class, thus requiring heavy advertising to establish a different image.

III. Message

In line with the 100 years of Coca-Cola in the Philippines, the product became part of every occasion and special celebrations of every Filipino especially Christmas. The advertisement shows children doing carolling while showing different scenarios that everyone will surely can relate. Despite of the things we encountered both personal, as family, friends, community and nation like problems, break ups and separations, arguments and even calamities, there’s always a reason to be thankful that made us strong and happy every moment of our lives despite of the challenges we encountered. And that is we still have ourselves, our family, our friends and having that Pinoy Christmas spirit that we are known by celebrating it from September until January.

For us Filipinos, no matter what the problem and challenges we encountered, we always have our own reasons to be happy especially this Christmas. The advertisement shows that for every dispute in every part of the world, we...

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