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HOW THE GAME ATTRACTS THE FILIPINO YOUTH? The first factor why it attracts the youth is the type of game involved. Filipino gamers The Culture love strategy of DOTA in theaction games and Philippines compared to board and mini games. It has a very different gameplay compared among other games. Also, it is a multiplayer game; people can play with others up to 10 persons per game. These are the heroes of DOTA, there are so much to choose from. They are divided into three groups, the Sentinel, the Scourge, and the Neutrals. Also they are divided further by their

Joshua Frankie B. Rayo Department of Computer Science University of the Philippines Diliman

The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines

Joshua Frankie B. Rayo Department of Computer Science, University of the Philippines Diliman

Abstract. The culture of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) has taken the Philippines to storm because of its very creative gameplay that caused millions of Filipino students hard for them to avoid playing the game; and it is also evident from media to the internet. This game has brought such intense effects to the Filipino youth and its everyday life; up to the point where they are affected physically, psychologically, and their respective careers. Because of DOTA, the computer shops in the country have been growing massively since its release; the youth are gathered there to play informally and to show their enthusiasm and foster friendship, teamwork and camaraderie. It follows the ‘booming’ computer shop industry and culture in the country. Also, some people handle DOTA tournaments to encourage other people and make this gaming industry to grow in the country. Because of the addiction of the people playing the game, they also express DOTA through the arts and music, language, internet and the social networks.

Due to the popularity of this game, many players indulged themselves into it; some spend lots of hours playing it over and over again and that‟s why it...

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