Hrm Week 4 Individual Assignment

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HRM300 Week 4 Individual Assignment

Employee Training and Career Development


David Crawford

Tricia Meunier-Muenks


In any successful business or organization, employee training and career development programs are necessary to build a very strong foundation. In order to properly identify a strong training or development program, it is important to process the various parts. This process includes the definition, methods, successes, HR involvement, and any specific needs involved with a plan. We will define training and development in organizations, describe different ways to train and promote development in the workplace, describe the relationship between organizational growth and success, the role of HR in career development, and finally any employees looking forward to a length future in their career. To start with the process, the first thing to understand is how training fits into various organizations.

Development and Training

Development and training is one of the most important facets of an organization because it deals with the growth of a company from employee to employee. A company can only really grow if each of the employees slowly grows amongst themselves. In order for a company to grow, the organization must stay current with their competitors with current practices and technology. By definition, development and training is “the official and ongoing educational activities within an organization designed to enhancement the fulfillment and performance of employees” (The Business Dictionary, 2012). Therefore, current employees should be given the opportunity to complete continuing education credits. By doing so, a company ensures that ALL of their employees are on the same page and current with any changing practices. Now, the various methods of training come into play during continuing education.

Training Methods

When continuing education is used in an organization, they can take a number of different methods to implement...