Chemistry of Powerade

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Chemistry of Powerade

Powerade was first introduced to us in 1988 becoming very known after becoming the first official sports drink for the Olympic Games in Seoul. Powerade has traditionally focused on targeting bodybuilders and athletes. However, the target demographic is now shifting to more mainstream athletes and non-athletes. Another one of powerade’s focus is on the main stream athletes and the company prides themselves on the ingredients and ensuring the benefits of drinking their product.

The key factor in sports drinks such as Powerade is that they have electrolytes that our body needs. Electrolytes are ions that make anything electrically conductive. Electrolytes contain ions which give off energy. Are electrolytes good for you? Yes, they are profitable to you. While you are active in sports, your body “sweats.” It loses sodium and potassium. Sodium or salt is needed in your body to stay energized. Without salt you would be lazy and sluggish. That’s why your body needs electrolytes to keep it going throughout the day. The best solution is either Gatorade or Powerade.

Water is key in every beings diet and is the basis of the environment we all reside in. Water is favored in any and every situation other than vigorous activity. Exercising induces sweat which we all lose electrolytes through. Which are not being properly replenished when drinking water during heavy physical activity, Powerade on the other hand replenishes and provides energy as one perceivers through activities. Drinking Powerade one is less likely to experience fatigue and muscle cramps.