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Immigration Narrative Essay

‘Immigration’ as defined by the English Dictionary is moving into a place, especially moving to a state (or a country) of which you are not citizen in turn to resolve there, in other words to support this “the arrival of settlers in new country: the act of entering a new country to settle permanently”, (Bing Dictionary). Nowadays, we exist in a world of which some contain to approach to understand where it all came from and starts from. White et al (2003) says that some scientists and other researchers assumed that the first people was people from Ethiopia ‘about 200,000 years ago’ whereas other researchers such as Cross (1973) and Wepman (2008) believed that in America between ’20,000 and 35,000 years ago’, the first immigrants and relatives of the Native Americans, people wanted to improve their living in good conditions, food and a better life to live.

In this essay, I am going to discuss how the world has changed to people who immigrated in other countries to stay to have a better life and better education in their future. The main issues being immigrated due to understand the language, the culture and social class, this also relates to my experience when I first immigrated to United Kingdom at the age of five years old.

* For centuries people have been travelling all over the world. It happens once in a while that they like one country more than their home country, as s result; they tend to settle in a new country. In some situations, people are forced to leave their native country and look for a better life in a different place. It’s been always controversial whether immigration is a way out of a conflict between a person and a country and if it could be justified when it comes to the survival of the family and children (Dogra, 2011).

* Emigration is the process that takes place when people leave their country or region in order to settle in a different country. Immigration is the same as emigration but it means...