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The individual I choose to write about is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The reason I chose to write about Martin Luther King Jr. is because he stood up for blacks through tough,hard times. Martin Luther King Jr. is a powerful figure that blacks tend to forget about what we did and went through so we can have the freedom and rights we have today. Martin Luther King Jr spoke out for justice for African

Americans, for an end to racial discrimination, to the laws that embodied it and the many subtle, unconscious behaviors and assumptions that were supported by those laws. Racial discrimination in the USA had resulted in countless unnecessary and unjust deaths, and the despair and hopelessness of generations. Dr. King helped the Civil Rights movement in a tremendous way.

What are the obstacles Marin Luther King had to overcome? The biggest obstacles Martin Luther King Jr. had to overcome was prejudice and racism. When it comes to prejudice many white people thought of blacks as generally inferior. They certainly did not want blacks to be seen much. Blacks were told, in no uncertain terms, to get to the back of the bus and only use rest rooms, drinking fountains, etc., marked for “colored” people. Even many of the less-prejudiced white people thought that blacks were fine as long as they kept in their place (kept to black neighborhoods.) Blacks were segregated from the whites because they were looked at as the lower class. Whites wanted blacks to be nothing but slaves. Another problem later on was that he had difficulty convincing his followers to commit to the course of non-violence; some of his followers were very frustrated and angry about the discrimination they endured, and he had to persuade them that patience and non-violence would get the best results and bring positive social change. Martin Luther King Jr was often put in jail for his actions by the polices.

How did Martin Luther King Jr. overcome his obstacles? Martin Luther King delivered lots of moving...