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Question 2 Neolithic revolution 10,000 years ago to 5,000 years ago 

The farming revolution 

Curt Robinson, a historian gave us some information that help us define the farming revolution. This all started ten to fifteen thousand years ago. At this time, the climate has changed, migration patterns of game have been alter. There was 10,000 species of grass example, rice corn wheat oats sugar. Wheat and barley were first to be used. Geographers are interested in the interaction of people and environment. Geography is a place movement region location and human environment interaction Mr. Robinson explained. Before the last ice age, humans were already spread out thought Europe. In the Neolithic revolution Food raising settled like new technology and social organization. “In farming villages, a ruling elite emerged that possessed wealth and wield power.” (Page 6) Human activities change began 12,000 years ago. Neo is defined as “new” and Lithic is defined as “stone” 


About ten to fifteen thousand years ago, The planet was starting to warm up. The Weather was becoming moderate. There were more defined seasons. Climates will start to develop and you would HAVE to farm there to stay alive. 

Location, weather, homo sepian sepians were dominating the planet. Farming was done in a short time. Without even one event that occurred then would put us at hunting still. If these factors happened 20,000 years before we would be so advance now.


The reason for transitioning to farming was to make life easier. Step one was having awareness of the environment you're in. Step two was having awareness of the change going on and taking up the challenge. Step three was to make the decision of staying or to go. Step four was to Alter the environment, to sustain farming, that's what farming is: Arrogating and Dry farming. Step five was Cooperation, but more institutional cooperation. And Step six was division of labor, dividing task To...