The Effect of Digital Media on Intellectual Property

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The effect of Digital Media on Intellectual Property

George Kline

Constance Webb

CMST 301

Intellectual Property has conventionally been a far more straightforward area of legal interest than in the current circumstances where the consumption and utilization of digital media has drastically altered and blurred the lines between consumers and vendors as well as the way in which media is accessed and procured. The awareness of increasing efforts by industries including movie and recording studios to highlight the issues they are facing from copyright theft and the ease with which this can be facilitated in the digital media age are increasingly apparent and appears to highlight the harmful effects of digital media on intellectual property.

However, while there are commonly known legal issues it is also possible to argue that digital media has also provided the capability of introducing substantial benefits in terms of intellectual property. As a consequence the purpose of this research paper is to outline and define what is meant by the term digital media, before analyzing and highlighting the issues and problems which have arisen alongside the benefits and advantages which have been delivered in the context of various industries and applications.

Digital Media can be defined simply as a form of electronic media where the relevant data is stored in a digital format. This may be the way in which either the technical element which includes the storage and communication of information is achieved, or to the actual end product itself which would include digital video and digital audio formats. Often the term is used interchangeably as a way in which to refer to all aspects of technology and art for example as being distinctly separate from traditional analogue and physical formats.

Digital Media therefore still includes and encompasses physical devices and content, even if it is...