Intellectual Property Outline

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Intellectual Property – Outline

I. Introduction

II. Trade Secrets – pure wealth distribution btw competitors, protect incentive to obtain info

A. Subj. Matt. – econ. valuable secret, reasonable precautions; terminates upon pub. disclosure

B. Misapprop. – improp. acquisition (comm. morality), improp. disclosure

C. Remedies – injunction (property rule), end = secret terminates OR head-start over

III. Patents – exclusion, property rule, rights defined by claims

A. Subj. Matt. – process, machine, manufactures, business methods; NOT natural laws, abstract ideas

B. Utility – substantial & specific utility; credible utility (must do what it claims to do)

C. Novelty & Non-obviousness – no patent where known/used by others; not obvious from prior art

D. Specification – describe & set out claims; must enable person to make it (quid pro quo)

E. Interpretation – claim is boundary of patent; canons: validity, go w/ narrower one, can’t limit claim from desc.

F. Infringement – literal, doctrine of equivalents (presump. for narrow claims), inducing, contributing

G. Defenses – experimental use (amusement, idle curiosity), inequitable conduct, misuse

IV. Copyright – utility + moral – fixation & formalities, originality & creativity

A. Subj. Matt. – only copyright expression, useful article doctrine (PGS), categories flexible (“including”)

B. Ownership & Duration – vests in author upon fixation

C. Rights – copies, derivatives, distribute, public performance & display, digital transmission

D. Infringement – copying = access + similarity; improp. approp. (enough of protected expression)

E. Defenses – FU, reverse engineering, parody

V. Trademark – business tort, no protection for functional features

A. Protected? – anything (color) – crowding out concern

B. Classification – generic, descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary – 2nd meaning, FU, trade dress

C. Priority – priority of use in commerce OR registration w/ intent to use

D. Fed Registration – important part =...