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Ladies and gentlemen, good evening to all of you. I wouldn’t like to turn this speech into an award-winning academy speech, but i would be remiss if i don’t mention every person who made tonight’s event possible.

First of all, i would like to thank the people behind tonight’s event. Kiya, my beloved niece for the balloons, Tito Roger for the first half of my invitation and for my first gown,ate jerica for the sleepless nights in doing those inivi, tita Marlyn for my shoes as her xmas gift, my Uncle Do in New Yprk for my__________, Mr. Gloria and company for the video and photography but my mother is the who paid them , ate May ann, our master of ceremony, Thank You! And also, i would like to thank for all of my heart,my mom, Norma Cayabyab, kahit wala sya dito, thank you thank you so much ‘coz you’rethe reason for all of this. Most of the gastusin came from her.

Kidding aside, i would like to express my gratitude to everyone for being here with me tonight. Of course my dormmates and friends in FEU who made it to be here, jam,ate jhea,kua jun,ate Sheila, my bunny;kua Jerome,kua markie,ate may ann,Robert,kua jomar,kua osweld,kua john,ate trish,ate den and ate Gladys, my solid friends since high school, my aunts,uncles, cousins. thank you guys for the non stop fellowship taht turn my ordinary days special. Lastly, thank you for supporting and continually pushing and reminding me in times I feel so weary. Indeed, i am blessed with such a nice crowd.( nice nga b)

To my dearest highschool friends in Bayambang National High School, i love you guys so much four years is really not enough to get to know you guys more. I really appreciate your presence tonight inspite of your busy schedules. Special thanks to ian coz he’s always there whenever i have something to ask to do and for going with me using his motor in giving those invitations and of course ella, i always make kulit her to help me to make this event really memorable. For those who txted me, i really...