Report Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Report addressing workplace sexual harassment

Go! Tourists

Student no: n7096739

Tutor: Ahmad Rabaai

Summer Semester, 2010

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Executive Summary

1. It is recommended that Go! Tourists keeps a confidential book in a secure place for logging informal or formal complaints as a solution to sexual harassment at South Africa Branch.

Female employees at South African branch have reported ongoing sexual harassment by some male managers. This is a serious concern for Go! Tourists as it is important to ensure employees are at their best to deliver the best service possible for the business to make the top 3 companies within 5 years in tour-guiding sector.

The analysis of the situation revealed the following:

* Due to the South African tradition culture, the asymmetrical power position of men is broadly accepted by South African women and thus they are submitted to male superior when being sexually harassed.

* South Africa is a country of collectivist nature, it is important to maintain harmonious relationship when communicating with ingroup members.

Simply introducing rules and policies to restrain male managers from sexually harassing female colleagues would not solve the core problem because this would not change female employees’ character for fearing male’s superiority and holding back feelings due to their collectivist nature. Two viable options were evaluated:

* Carry out awareness raising and training on sexual harassment which includes the effect of sexual harassment on occupational, health and safety and the general working environment. This would educate female employee how to resist and confront sexual harassment properly.

* Keep a confidential book in a secure place for logging informal or formal complaints is a good way for female employees to report sexual harassment without compromising their collectivist value and confronting their...