The Application of Quantum Teaching in Teaching English

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1.1 Background of Problem

Nowadays, in response to the needs of developing human resources in Indonesia, learning English is a vital skill. It will facilitate children accomplish their comprehensive potential in later life. Once they have this initial comprehension of English in the primary school, they will have a strong foundation which will be a benefit in their later studies.

Young learners are primary school students aged between 6 to 12 years. They can be divided into 2 groups: younger group (6-8 years old) and older group (9-12 years). According to their class level, they are divided into two groups those are lower class and upper class.

Introducing English to elementary students as young learner will help to lay the foundations for primary education. It is because they are still in a period that is possible for them to learn language easily. It is expected that after obtaining the English course students will be able to apply English in any kind of test. Not only this, they are also expected to be able to use English in their job later.

Nevertheless, when the students come to English classes, several students feel that learning English is difficult. As a result, they are lazy to study English in the class. Even worse that they cannot pass school grade that is important to continue their study later. This condition is definitely not estimated to happen.

There are several aspect that may cause these problems in learning English three of which are frequently happened: the quality of the teachers, the habit of the students and the participation of parents.

Teaching English for young learners is not an easy matter. Basically, one of important purpose in learning English for elementary level is to increase their motivation and desire to learn English. To reach that target, we are as the teachers need to know the students’ characteristics so that we can choose the suitable methods and teaching aids for them.

In learning...