Enrollment System

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This chapter presents the review of related issues of the Data Collection and Computerized Student Record Keeping. It will discuss how the system relates on some issues and articles.


Private Basic Education School of Tanza, Cavite

The computerized enrolment system for selected private basic schools in Tanza, Cavite was developed in response to the problems encountered in the existing enrolment system. The instrument used for collecting data was sets of questionnaire. The sample consisted of 50 respondents from five (5) selected private basic education schools in Tanza. After the data was gathered, the SPSS program was utilized to analyze the data. The descriptive statistics which include the frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA, LSD follow-up test and Scheffe test were used. Based on the assessment of the respondents, the system was highly applicable to concerned offices - the Registrar and Accounting Offices. Therefore, the developed computerized enrolment system is proven functional and can be of great help during enrolment.

The applicability of the developed computerized enrolment system was assessed using the four (4) modules of enrolment system namely: The Inquiry and Reservation System; Admission System; Payment System; and Report-Generation System. In view of these, the school administrators considered adapting the developed computerized enrolment system for their planning, forecasting and decision-making. It can be used as an improvement/replacement of the existing semi-automated enrolment system to speed-up the processing of students enrolment.

A set of questionnaire was used for collecting data and these were passed through different methods to be analyzed. This was done to improve existing manual system. Over two decades, effective enrolment management is going to be critical to the future of...