Human Relations Case Study 3-1

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Human Relations Case Study #2

1.) What is your opinion of the effectiveness of the telecommuting program at the travel agency so far?

I think that it is working really well! With this in place the company will be saving a ton of money by not having to move to a bigger building. Also it is a perk for hiring because everyone likes choices and if you have the choice to commute or telecommute I think that is paramount. With this program in place there hasn't been a decrease in work or any complaints by the costumers either which means that it is still effective. I think it is a good thing as well because working at home is like an incentive program the sooner you get done the more time you will have with family. So I think that it will make employees work efficiently and effectively to keep their telecommute position.

2.) What evidence should Sue and Russ be seeking to know if the telecommuting program is beneficial to the travel agency?

The evidence would be through their clientele. If the customers had no problem through communications, efficiency or help then the telecommuting program is a success as long as they can maintain it. As for financial reasons for the company they will be saving thousands of dollars per month just from rent alone for a bigger building. Also the cost of the move would be extremely expensive. So the company is saving money on moving, saving money on higher rent, giving employees a chance to work from home and are still showing positive feedback. That is beneficial in all ways!

3.) What recommendations do you have for Tony so his teleworking will become a more positive experience for him?

Well the one thing that employees that are doing this will fill out of the loop at work. Like Kristen said “What I don't like is being alienated from the office.” By this she feels like since the bosses can't see her that her promotion opportunities won't exist and will be skipped.