E-Commerce Technology

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Eight Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology

E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY DIMENSION Ubiquity Internet/Web technology is available everywhere: at work, at home, and elsewhere via mobile devices, anytime. BUSINESS SIGNIFICANCE The marketplace is extended beyond traditional boundaries and is removed from a temporal and geographic location. “Marketspace” is created; shopping can take place anywhere. Customer convenience is enhanced, and shopping costs are reduced. Global Reach Commerce is enabled across cultural and The technology reaches across national boundaries seamlessly and without national boundaries, around the modification. “Marketspace” includes Earth. potentially billions of consumers and millions of businesses worldwide. Universal Standards There is a common, inexpensive, global, There is one set of technology technology foundation for businesses to use. standards, namely Internet standards. Richness Video, audio, and text marketing messages are Video, audio, and text messages are integrated into a single marketing message and possible. consuming experience. Interactivity Consumers are engaged in a dialog that The technology works through dynamically adjusts the experience to the interaction with the user. individual, and makes the consumer a coparticipant in the process of delivering goods to the market. Information Density Information processing, storage, and The technology reduces information communication costs drop dramatically, while costs and raises quality. currency, accuracy, and timeliness improve greatly. Information becomes plentiful, cheap, and accurate. Personalization/Customization Personalization of marketing messages and The technology allows personalized customization of products and services are messages to be delivered to based on individual characteristics. individuals as well as groups. Social Technology New Internet social and business models User content generation and social enable user content creation and distribution, networking. and...