Animal Farm- Was the Revolution a Success

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The revolution of Animal Farm was inevitably going to fail. The state of the farm was left dilapidated, and the comradery between the animals was lost, thus making the revolution a failure. Old Major unveiled his dreams and ideals for the revolution before his fateful death. One of these ideals was to adopt an essence of equality amongst all animals of the farm. Another ideal envisioned by Old Major was that after the animals conquer man, they must not adopt his vices. The revolution was orchestrated by the pigs; Napoleon and Snowball. The pigs would have regarded the revolution as a total success. They easily manipulated the less intelligent animals of the farm which lead to them gaining total control of the farm. Those who would have been better off without the revolution was practically every animal on the farm besides the pigs. Whist the animals shared a brief moment of equality and freedom, there was an undercurrent of greed and thirst for power. This undercurrent contradicted the original ideas imposed by Old Major. Ultimately, after the pigs had become ruled with power the revolution was in jeopardy.

Old Major was a Middle White boar who provided the inspiration that fuelled the revolution. Old Major was a metaphorical combination of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Old Major had an epiphany which depicted a farm without man and being operated and laboured by the animals. Mr Jones had been left animals malnourished and overworked, yet receive no reward for their efforts. When the animal’s usefulness has come to an end, they are slaughtered. Old Major had become tired of this poor treatment so motivated the animals to rebel against man, he then laid out the guidelines and philosophies for the animals to follow once they had conquered man. The guideline that were to be imperative for the revolution’s success was that all animals should “be equal”. Old Major also tried to instil into the animals that they “must never come to resemble man”. Old Major also made...