Characteristics of Expository Essays

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Characteristics of Expository Essays

Monica Meadows


November 14, 2010

Catherine Brock

Characteristics of Expository Essays

The two essays that I chose to read were: A Soul as Free as the Air and Cochlear Implants.

I am going to write about the first essay I read “A Soul as Free as the Air” first. In my opinion this is a character study and is a narrative essay about the life of Lucy Stone. All the facts that were stated in the essay clearly explain Lucy’s life and her history. There were specific dates used in the essay which means that his essay was written in a chronological order; it starts when Lucy Stone was born and continues on to tell her life story. The author in my opinion used time order to develop the essay. I think the author chose this particular type of chronological organization for this essay because there were lots of facts that needed to be in the essau from different points in time. In my opinion papers that I have read that are in a type of chronological order are easier to follow rather than one that bounces from one point in time to another then back again. With this type of organization it is easy to follow and it’s not scattered all over the place. I really can’t think of a better way to have written an essay about Lucy Stone and her life; the essay, the organization it was a great choice for this essay I would not change anything.

The second essay that I read about was “Cochlear Implants”. The characteristics of this essay make me believe that this essay is a cause and effect essay. It explains what happened when he chose not to get cochlear implants; it also explains what the consequences were to his decision. In my opinion the author used an informative process when writing this paper. The essay explains the process if receiving the implants. Every step in the process of getting the implants was arranged into a group. I think that the author chose this type of organization because as the author it was...