Sop for Mba with Engineering Background

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One of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess and my ability to learn new things quickly. Currently, associated with technical domain, I intend to pursue higher studies in management. All these elements have given me a broad outlook, with varying degree of knowledge in a range of topics.

My Engineering course provided a strong foundation to my analytical skills. After graduation, I joined a leading IT firm, Satyam Computers Ltd where I was opened to an interesting world of technology and corporate functioning. Owing to my analytical abilities along with my leadership and decision-making skills, role was instrumental in rectifying many problems in production cycle in real time and that too without causing any system violations for which I got appreciated both by offshore managers and client.

At the same time, I took initiatives to participate in organizational activities like, floor level meetings and anchoring fun activities. I am also an active volunteer of Satyam Foundation- a social work initiative by Satyam. I am a trained classical singer and was the finalist in Satyam Idol- A global corporate level singing competition held at Satyam. These activities provided an intellectually enriching experience and increased my fascination for understanding the subtle nuances that goes into the functioning of big corporations.

I strongly believe that at NMIMS, one of the leading management institutes of the country, the professionally structured management program will provide me the opportunity to cultivate diverse managerial skill sets. The guidance from eminent and globally experienced faculty of NMIMS will assist me to couple my analytical abilities with theoretical learning to develop competent management acumen. I am convinced if given the opportunity to study at your institute it will provide a competitive environment to bring out the best in me.