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Research PaperVictoria’s Secret PINK |





Historical Snapshot

Victoria’s Secret, famous for its sexy, romantic and provocative lines of intimate apparel, has been a fashion icon in America since the early 1970’s. Even with the economy crisis, Victoria’s Secret has been the victor of reaping in dollars worth over $2.8 billion. However, women’s intimate and other apparel is a highly competitive business with numerous competitors, including individual and chain fashion specialty stores, and department stores. Hoping to keep its sales hot, Victoria’s Secret decided to add a new segment to its audience base: young, hip and fashionable customers. In 2004, Victoria’s Secret introduced a new subbrand, PINK, to a younger audience than their traditional audience of women in thirties and forties. Aiming to catch the customers earlier and keep them, Pink targeted to college-aged women from 18- 22 years of age, creating a life-style image for young women to pursue through Victoria’s Secret products.

Competitive landscape

With sexy supermodels, top-notch photographers, and bold advertising, Victoria’s Secret combined mass-market access with prestige products. The company’s directly competes with numerous national and regional retail stores, catalogs and e-commerce merchandisers. To examine the drives of turning to a collegiate campaign, PINK collection, we scanned the competitive environment before the launch of PINK.

Principal competitive factors:

* Brand image

* Marketing

* Fashion design

* Price

* Service

* Quality image

* Presentation and fulfillment

Competitors and Positioning:

* Playtex among consumers influenced by fit.

* Bestform had the most brand loyalty among consumers who are influenced by price.

* Victoria’s Secret had the greatest brand loyalty among consumers who purchased for style.


* An average Victoria’s Secret bra priced in the $20-$30 range.

* Average price of a...