Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Discovery

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The theme of spiritual enlightenment prevails above any other theme found in this novel. Spiritual understanding is the only thing Siddhartha pines for in the duration of the novel. All of the characters in Siddhartha gain spiritual enlightenment in some form. Self-discovery goes along with spiritual understanding. The spiritual understanding is within yourself, therefore you must discovery what is in yourself before you can achieve spiritual enlightenment.

In Siddhartha, a passionate search for what is true is necessary for living peacefully and harmoniously with the world. Siddhartha and Govinda search for the truth of the worldwide comprehension of life, or Nirvana. Siddhartha and Govinda both desire to be aware of their lives through religion, do this by obtaining Nirvana, and realize that Nirvana is indeed possible. Even though Nirvana guides to a flawless connection with the human race and is accordingly an end aspiration that each person wishes to reach, Siddhartha and Govinda are different in this sense because of what they both are prepared to do in pursuit for this truth. In Siddhartha’s case, the moment he realized that one direction could lead to an end, he promptly changes his path. He is prepared to leave behind the course of the Brahmins for the course of the Samanas, to forsakes the Samanas for Gotama, and then to leave the spiritual instructors and seek in the material world with Kamaswami and Kamala. He does not give up his search and in its place keeps going to go along with any path grows to be available if he has obviously not yet obtained Nirvana.

Govinda is definitely not as compliant in his search for Nirvana. In his search, he limits himself to the religious world and continues in his need for instruction. Although Siddhartha is prepared to not follow any religion and desert all his training, Govinda is prepared to search for the truth but only if it coincides with the Hindu and Buddhist teachings and is delivered to him by an...