Organization Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour

Internal Assignment- 2

Case Study

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Date of Submission 6th March, 2011



Mr. Chandru Balram a MBA graduated from the University of Pune 1971 batch.

Problem Statement

Mr. Chandru Balram is unemployed for the last 30 months after he took voluntary retirement from MUL. Now he is not accepted anywhere despite how hard he tries to get one. This is clear from the fact that he already have spent more than Rs 2,00,000 and forwarded more than 200 resumes to get a job.


A few parameters that should be considered are as follows  High job experience i.e. 24 years.  Was assistance vice president drawing Rs 12,35,000 annual salary and bonuses from time to time, though the frequency of those bonuses have declined.  He is being told that his experience is not relevant in today’s world.  He is considered mentally rigid, corporate type, because of his work experience.  Employers uncomfortable to pay him less and hire him, afraid that he will leave if some better offer comes up.

Boundary limits

 The case is based in the late 1990s and so any analysis will have to be seen keeping that time frame in mind  The information given in the case is assumed to be true and the solution is based on it only as no other data is provided.


 He has the knowledge of his particular domain only and is not aware of the latest technology available and the changes that have occurred in past few years  MUL was doing good in early 1980’s as it was just like monopoly market with no or very little competition and customer had no or very little choice to chose from.


1. How valid do you think the comments are that Chandru is hearing?

The comments that Chandru is hearing are very much valid because  The Indian automobile industry has witnessed a drastic change in the last few decades regarding the product offering and...